Bluehost vs InMotion

Bluehost vs InMotion

No matter if it is a blogger or a Business, Bluehost does come into picture when someone wants to buy a domain or hosting. In fact, Bluehost is considered to be one of the best WordPress Hosting solution. As per the reports, Bluehost has hosted more than 2 million websites, therefore comes under one of the most trusted domain and hosting service providers across the globe. The head office is located in Salt Lake, USA and also owns his known sister company that is HostMonster, iPage, and FastDomain.

If you are looking for some of the best Hosting Providers, then we would suggest you to check InMotion Hosting. This, in fact, is one of the best & cheap hosting providers. It is not as cheap as the A2 Hosting, but its VPS Hosting is the cheapest that cost for just $21.04/ Month. Not only that, but they have a service that helps you to build a WordPress Website in just 2 days.

Bluehost vs InMotion Detail Comparison

SpecificationsBluehostInMotion Hosting
Shared Hosting Price$3.95$6.39
VPS Hosting Price$19.99$29.19
Dedicated Hosting Price$79.99$105.69
Other Hosting Pricing$3.95
Free Email (s)YesYes
Control PanelYesYes
Software / Apps SupportsWordPress, Ruby, .Net, PHP, etc
  • WordPress,
  • Joomla,
  • Drupal,
  • cPanel,
  • PrestaShop,
  • Moodle,
  • OpenCart,
  • Magento, BoldGrid
UpTime (SLA)99.99%99.99%
Other Top FeaturesBluetopia, Blueprint, Blue Sky
  • Live 24/7 Support,
  • SSD Hosting,
  • Shared cPanel Hosting,
  • eCommerce Hosting,
  • WooCommerce WordPress Hosting,
  • SSH Hosting,
  • Ruby Hosting,
  • PostgreSQL Hosting,
  • Cheap Hosting,
  • Cheap Dedicated Servers,
  • Transfer Websites,
  • PHP Hosting,

Bluehost vs InMotion Price

If we compare both Bluehost and InMotin Hosting prices, there is a huge difference. The shared Hosting for Bluehost starts for $2.95, whereas InMotion Hosting starts for $6.39.  There is a huge difference in Shared Hosting. So for those who want a cheaper Shared Hosting can go for Bluehost. On the other hand, the VPS hosting in Bluehost is expensive as compare to InMotion. For a 2 Core, 4GB RAM & 60GB SSD, Bluehost charge around $29.99. InMotion on the other hand with the same Core & RAM, but 75GB SSD is for $29.19.

Both the web hosting plan does differ a lot depending on what you want to choose. To know more about how & what plan to choose according to your need, you can ask us.

InMotion Hosting vs Bluehost Features

Shared Hosting 

InMotion Shared Hosting

Bluehost Shared Hosting

  • Launch for startup website – Price at $6.39
  • Power for a website with decent traffic – Price at $8.49
  • Pro is for professional bloggers – Price at $14.71
  • If your website is the news and you want to try, then you can select  Basic Plan that starts for $3.95
  • If you don’t want to spend more & already have a website with decent traffic of around 25k a month, then you can select Plus plan that starts for $5.95
  • On the other hand, if you have a website that have started getting around or more than a 100K views, then you should go with their Pro plan that starts for $13.95

VPN Hosting 

InMotion VPN Hosting

Bluehost VPNHosting

  • The first InMotion VPS Hosting VPS-1000HA-S starts at – Price $29.19
  • If you are looking for a better version, then go for VPS-2000HA-S – Price at $47.39
  • If you have a high traffic website, then you can go for their VPS-3000HA-S plan – Price at 69.34
  • You can select their Standard VPN hosting that cost for $19.99
  • Also, for a much better performance, you can select their Enhance plan that cost for $29.99
  • Whereas you have a website that gets more than 1M views & need a much better and faster VPN hosting, then you can select their Ultimate plan that cost for $59.99

Dedicated Hosting

InMotion Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

  • The cheapest InMotion Dedicated Hosting Price at $105.69 known as Essential
  • Their 2nd Dedicated Hosting is called Advanced – Price starts at $166.59
  • The Elite Plan – Price Starts at $238.99
  • The much better and advanced versions that are CC500, CC100 and CC200 price for $340.99, $414.49, and $519.49 respectively
  • You can choose Bluehost Standard Dedicated hosting plan. This will cost you $79.99
  • Also, if you want to enhance the plan to a better hosting, then you can select their Enhance plan that will cost you $99.99
  • For those who have a big dad application with more traffic, then you should choose their Premium plan that will cost you $119.99

Bluehost vs InMotion Conclusion

Both Bluehost and InMotion Hosting are a recognized company to provide hosting & domain services. But, when it comes to Hosting, InMotion is quite an expensive provider. On the other hand, Bluehost provides the same plan for a better price. 

Therefore, we recommend Bluehost over InMotion Hosting for those who are looking for a cheap Hosting. But for those who are a developer and are using an application like Ruby, .Net, PHP and many more, should go for InMotion.